I have an essay to write on Wuthering Heights- Can someone please help me?

Prompt- Two of the central characters of the novel are Catherine and Heathcliff. Understanding them is important to understanding the novel. Describe their relationship, explain why the aren't married to each other, and explain why each has chosen his (her) spouse. Can somebody please explain Catherine and Heathcliff's relationship, why they aren't married to each other, why Catherine chose Edgar, and why Heathcliff chose Isabella?

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    There are basically two sides to Catherine: Catherine Earnshaw and Catherine Linton. (She also fantasizes about a third, Catherine Heathcliff [3.3] – which her daughter will eventually become.) These two Catherines are very different: one is Heathcliff’s Catherine and the other is Edgar’s. But even when Catherine Earnshaw becomes Catherine Linton, she still maintains traces of her former self. Heathcliff longs Catherine Earnshaw; her decision to marry Edgar means that she and Heathcliff will never be together, as they were as children.From Shmoop