If you took the AP English Composition today how do you think you did?

I think i did pretty well. I left 6 multiple choice blank but at least 75% of the ones i did answer i was quite sure of. Then i liked how my essays turned out. Im guessing a 5-7 on the first two but i totally nailed that last one its gotta be a 8-9. If im right about that stuff i still don't know what it world correlate too in the overall score.Anyway how did you do?

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4 Answers to “If you took the AP English Composition today how do you think you did?”

  1. incomparability says:

    it was okay reppin edward r.murow

  2. unsensory says:

    I thought it was pretty easy as far as AP tests go. My first two essays were pretty much bsing the entire thing, but everything else seemed pretty good. I think the third essay could even be a 9. Brave New World all the way. :) Didn’t leave any blank either, but I normally don’t.

  3. mctaggar says:

    not that it’s likely to actually happen, but collegeboard could cancel all of your scores for having this conversation =[

  4. cradlefellow says:

    I think I did okay. I still feel that I could have written better essays if it wasn’t for the two hour limit though. I think I spent too much time on the third one so I sort of had to rush through the other two…