ROMEO AND JULIET teenage love?

I am writing an essay based on a thesis that in Romeo and Juliet, "Teenage love is foolish." I spent a whole week trying to come up with my arguments but I can only think of one: that Romeo and Juliet were too impulsive. Romeo changed his love so quickly from Rosaline to Juliet.When they first met, they spoke just fourteen lines (a sonnet) before kissing. They didn't even know each other's names until they asked the Nurse and realized that they were enemies.Romeo killed himself pretty at the moment he saw Juliet dead. If he had not been so impulsive and waited just a little longer, they both could have lived.Other than that and a few more points about their impulsiveness, I really got nothing. PLEASE HELP! I have a few ideas in my head like that they weren't mature enough or responsible enough. But I can't prove that with the text or story of R'J. Please give me some suggestions for my two other arguments and if you can, how I can support it with the story.

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  1. AMIE says:

    The trick to interpreting Shakespeare is that we have to try (as much as possible) to think how they did back then, not how we think now.Of course, their main flaw was that they disobeyed their parents (a sin, really). They messed up the entire social structure that they are supposed to follow (ie. doing what their parents say, marrying who they are supposed to, etc). They disobeyed the commandment of obeying their parents, and they got a lot of innocent people killed (indirectly of course, you may not want to use that). As young people, they are supposed to obey the “higher authority” (parents) but didn’t. Their rash impulses and never thinking about the consequences caused them to act out.Besides that, both ultimately betray their families. Juliet still goes with a guy who killed her cousin, and Romeo leaves (and shames) his family for a woman who belongs to “the enemy.” Thus, they disregard their families in two regards, by both starting the relationship and by carrying on with it even at the destruction of their families (and the family reputation).And yes, bring up that they fell in love “at first sight” without even knowing each other. That would have brought up societal taboos in a society in which marriages (especially for upper class peoples) are based on names, status, and all that, and you had to know the name of the person you married (and your family had to approve…this is a run on sentence). If they had been less foolish, they would have found out the names first (a proper introduction), realized who they were, and stayed away. But, lust got in the way, such is life right?So, besides being impulsive, they showed absolute disregards for societal rules that they were supposed to be following for their own good. This may be an unpopular side to take, but it may have made more sense for the people Shakespeare would have been writing for, I think.

  2. hornet's says:

    lust before love plus i think Romeo and Juliet were pretty young so their hormones must be pumping.

  3. pachystichous says:

    it was a forbidden love. both families opposed of it, nor did romeo and juliet think of the repercussions of it. in that way, it was a selfish and foolish love because they didnt stop and think of how the others would have reacted, and they knew their families were at war with one another. it’s hard to debate because lady capulet wanted juliet married off to the other guy, and he was someone juliet was opposed to marrying, which means her parents wouldnt have been thinking of her happiness, and rather that of their own. at the same time, how could romeo and juliet fall in love so quickly, and with one kiss were determined to be together forever? to never part. nowadays when we kiss a guy, it doesnt mean that we’re in love with them. perhaps a genuine like for each other, but that doesnt determine the rest of our lives together. sometimes we never see them again, sometimes we choose to be friends with them, and it’s only over a specific amount of time if it gets to that stage that we realise that we’re in love with them, but for that to happen, a lot of time would need to be spended with them to get that far, and it doesnt seem like romeo and juliet had many times together, nor did they spend much time together when they were together. you can argue that had they waited a little longer that they both could have lived, however, with how things were going between the families, and with romeo killing tybalt, the families would have never really been at peace with each other, and juliet would have been forced to part from romeo. they died together, and it gives the idea that they’ll be together forever that way.

  4. Canaanite says:

    I have a point and I received good marks in high school (a couple years ago) for using this point. They wanted to show off a little. Killing themselves or planning to marry was not only too rash and impulsive but also involved proving to the world about their rash and wild selves. Romeo’s melancoly is a proof of this point.

  5. digit says:

    What about lust being a major factor in determining teenage love?

  6. ReillyB says:

    To me, Romeo and Juliet’s tragic flaw is their immaturity. They’re too young to realize that they can stand up to their parents and that the Prince would probably support them in doing so. Once they’re married, they also have the strength of the Church behind them. If Romeo had just gone home after the wedding instead of hanging out with his friends and runnning into Tybalt, everything might have turned out well. Or if he had explained loud and clear why he didn’t want to fight Tybalt, he would probably have received support from his own side and from any passers-by who heard him, since the whole city was getting pretty fed up with the Montague-Capulet feud. (Mercutio would probably have thought it was hilariously funny.) But they’re both young enough (especially Juliet) that they’re afraid of their parents and don’t realize that they can weather whatever storm erupts and ultimately have things their way.