About what percent of U.S teenagers have their navels pierced?

I'm writing a persuasive essay to get a belly button piercing to my mother. I figured out I'd start it out with a fact(:~Thank you in advance

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  1. obeys says:

    I have mine pierced! I got my nose pierced at the same time too, and I was 14. Now I’m nearly 18 and still love both of them. :) I’m actually going to buy myself a new bellybutton ring very soon!

  2. ti-cheng says:

    lol thats cute, im sure there is a large percentage, you can go on google and do some research. i know alot of girls that have it, including myself. my mom took me when i was 16, and im 20 now and my dad still doesnt know so you can also go get it and not let her know lol ive hid it this long from my dad.

  3. undervocabularied says:

    Hi Darlin’! I am a Master piercer, I have been piercing for 21 years. I own and operate Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo in Franktown, CO. I (just myself at my studio) pierce literally hundreds of girls your age each year. That is just at my studio and there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of studios across the United States!I don’t think that anyone has actually studied percentages, but perhaps that’s enough information for you!Navel piercings are today what ear piercings were in the ’70′s and prior decades. Trying to get mom to let you get your ears pierced in the ’70′s and the prior decades, was a challenge!However, they are very common place and the most requested peircing! I think that as a teenager, you “earn” privileges based on your actions, grades and maturity level, etc…. It sounds like you work hard at all of those. Ask for a reward. Everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well done. It is nice to get recognition.If she is worried about infection, the number one reason that piercings get infected is because people touch the piercing site. Bacteria cause infection. Bacteria live on every surface and because we always touch everything, our hands are the number one carrier of bacteria. By not touching (including no turning or moving the jewelry) you reduce the risk of the peircing becoming infected tremendously!Good luck, let me know if you need anything else such as more info on piercings, etc…

  4. behilia says:

    I’m not sure, but it’s alot hah.There’s alot of girls where I live getting their navels pierced. But of course, their parents won’t let them, so they just do it their selves. Haha.