Can you hav 2 continuities and 1change in a change over time essay?

i have an essay in AP world history due tomorrow. the prompt is the following: describe and analyze the responses to military aggression in one the places given from 1750 to 2000 CE. my area of the world is western europe. i have 1 change: in the past, napoleon didn't get land he wanted (portugal and spain) however hitler did. and i have 2 continuities: 1britain and france are always allies. in WWI, britain declares war when germany invaded belgium to get to france. n the crimean war, france and Britaint team up with ottoman empire against russia. 2conflicts against germany are initiated by germany. WWI, germany starved britain so america came in. in WWII, germany invaded many areas including rhineland areas, poland, czech, ect.

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  1. agitable says:

    The first thing wrong with your answer is describing Britain and France as ‘always’ being allies. For most of history, France and Britain have been bitter enemies. If you make the mistake of trying to contrast the Napoleonic Wars with World War II in by pointing out that Hitler successfully took Spain and Portugal (which he did not do, but that’s another issue entirely), and then you follow up that contrast by saying that Britain and France have always been allies, the person grading your essay will surely be convinced that you haven’t learned the first thing – the first thing – about European history.Moreover, conflicts against Germany have rarely been initiated by Germany. International politics is – and long has been – a very complicated affair. A complex confluence of events has often led to states in what we now call Germany being in a situation which can only be resolved by warfare. To paint the German state as essentially aggressive is a mistake.In short, nearly everything about your prepared answer is incorrect, and you’ve clearly learned very little about European history during your AP world history course.