Help with my conclusion paragraph PLEASE! 10 points best answer!?

I am TERRIBLE when it comes to writing the conclusion to a essay. I need help, PLEASE! Here is my paper.. also, any editing will help too! A father comes home from being out drinking all night and begins to hit his son over and over again, not knowing the effects of what each punch, kick and slap will do. Children and teens who are abused suffer from mental and physical effects. Some mental effects of child and teen abuse include: low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts and behavior and depression. Physical effects of child abuse include: drug and alcohol abuse and use, poor social skills and trouble with everyday activities. Even though children can overcome the effects of being physically abused, the implement of abuse can damage children due to the physical and mental effects that abuse can cause. Children and teens who are physically abuse suffer mental effects. Low self-esteem is having a feeling of pride in yourself. Children and teens who are abused do not have this sense of pride in themselves, they have a low self-esteem, meaning that they do not think highly of themselves. Depression and suicidal thought can be another effect of being physically abused. Sufferers who deal with these kind of effects feel unwanted and unloved, therefore the child may not want to live any longer. Other mental effects can include, anxiety and anger toward the person(s) who abused them and to people in general. Not only can children and teens who are victims of child abuse suffer mental effects, they may also encounter physical effects. Child abuse can cause poor social skills from the youngest child to the oldest teen abused. Children and teens may feel like they don not fit in with others or that their not wanted, so they all together exclude themselves from people. An effect, found in teens more than children is the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Teens may find comfort and happiness in using drugs or drinking alcohol. If they find that it makes themselves feel better they will abuse the use of it, causing serious injuries or even death. Other physical effects of abuse may include trouble sleeping, eating, and concentrating. Though effects of abuse can be very serious, children and teens can overcome it with help. The first stop to overcome the effects is to tell someone, then getting help physically and mentally. Counseling can help a lot with the emotional part of the situation. Having someone who is there and loves the child or teen unconditionally can help them a lot. It may take a lot of work, time and patience but children and teens can overcome the effects of being physically abused.

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  1. hariolation says:

    GREAT SO FAR!just one thing, paragraph 3, line 3 has “…don not…” I think you mean do not.Therefore, abuse in children and teenagers must be put to a full stop inorder to insure the best childhood for them. Abuse, depression, and suicidal thoughts make children think that it is their fault and that abuse is a punishment. This is wrong, abuse is all the abusers fault and to save the children from abuse, love and care is needed. Children and teens who get abused suffer from many horrible symptoms such as low-self esteem, alchoholism, drug abuse, and depression, not to mention physical effects. To stop this, an easy step must be taken; to provide these children with love and the right care, so the world an be a better place. By helping these children, we are quite literally saving them from a horrible future.

  2. sexualization says:

    It is unfair to any child or teenager to have to experience any form of physical abuse. This abuse has nothing but negative effects that can last a lifetime. Poor social skills, psychological issues, and other mental and physical concerns are just some ways child abuse can have an impact on the victim. Fortunately, anyone who has been through child abuse can get help by seeing a therapist or seeking a counselor. Hopefully, no child or teen will ever have to feel this pain and more will be done to prevent child abuse. Hope this helps. (: