How does the form of the poem ‘Disabled’ by Wilfred Owen convey pity towards the war?

I'm doing an essay on Wilfred Owen and the pity of war but I couldn't figure out how the form of this certain poem helped. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be delighted. Thank you.

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  1. madmen says:

    *****Owen’s story IS poetry. His poetry IS perfect. Here, he’s lamenting again the folly of the warrior legend. The glory of military pomp is beautiful in regimental formation on the parade ground but the horrors of battle are grotesque and perverted. And, in the end, the people care more for a football hero than they do for a wounded soldier.As to your question, he uses high form and language to elevate the readers eye. He wants very badly for all young boys to play games and show off for the girls rather than pick up a rifle and march into Hell.*****

  2. sidled says:

    Read it! Ha!This poor boy lied about his age to join the war after he had a drunk a bunch of beer after winning a football game. He thought that joining the army would bring him pride and fame. He actually refers to the fact that he thought he would look good in the uniform, which contributed to his decision. During the war he lost his legs (and his arm?) and now he’s back home at an institute, healing. No one looks at him the same way. He seems to be most upset that girls won’t look at him as they did before he left. He makes a comment that before he left for war, any painter would be glad to create his likeness (obviously he saw himself as very handsome). Now, he seems so depressed that he just wants to hide away into himself.He wasted his life in a war that brought him nothing but shame and heartbreak. He’s so young and his life is already over.