How to become a better college student?

I need an essay on how we learn and ways to apply it to be a better college student...The essay needs to be 4 to 6 pages long time new roman 12 pitch font with 1 inch side margins 0.6 top and bottom margins and 1.5 spacing no double spacing please...

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2 Answers to “How to become a better college student?”

  1. receded says:

    How to become a better college student? Well, you might want to start by doing your own work and not asking people online to write your essays for you. Yahoo answers is not an essay writing service.

  2. propugner says:

    If you expect to be spoonfed and have someone write your essay for you, I dont get why you are even in college. No offense, but college students need to do their own work. You are not in first grade. Asking for help is ok but asking someone to write your essay for you is not. Grow up and do your own work. In order to do well in college you must have self discipline and motivation.Doesnt seem like you have any of that.