Should YOU go study Art’Design at College?

Please do not. They may say Art has no right or wrong but its a LIE! Art is not straight forward like most subjects that are outside the performing art fields. It is constructed in a way that it becomes...let me tell you something. When studying Alevels or BTEC, it takes your whole life of thinking to come up with an idea. All these ideas should never be second hand. Plus your teacher WILL send you to get things at home you do not have EVERY WEEK or day. Its very expensive doing Art in school. Because its a never ending cycle. The teacher WILL tell you to continue the last project while doing a new one. Thats veery unhelpful because its impossible to get a never ending cycle project done! they will tell the ideas they want you to have. not saying you are forced to reject your ideas but i am saying they will most likely reject yours. For those who take this subject personal don;t gp study it. Do it in your own time while doing a straight forward subject like English, Bussiness managament where you do a straight forward essays and exams. NO EXPENSE needed. But for those who will sacrifice anything for Art, then this subject is for you. (: have a nice day

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2 Answers to “Should YOU go study Art’Design at College?”

  1. vexils says:

    Just because it didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it wont work for anyone else. Maybe you’re just not that into art, or not very creative. Perhaps you just went to a really bad school. It’s easy to get discouraged in a field where everything can be so expensive, and you need to have your own business and in order to be successful, you need to really know a lot of the right people. But for someone who really loves art, it is gratifying to the soul when they do well. Besides, not everyone wants to major in business. It’s boring and just because you don’t have to spend any money, that doesn’t mean it’s a better field to get into. If you’re getting out of art because it’s to difficult or to expensive, then you just weren’t meant to be in it. Anything that is worth doing, is going to be hard. Dont be lazy about things.

  2. incontinency says:

    I understand what you are saying but my sister is still going to university of new south wales to get her BA in fine arts. Although it would be hard, my sister hates numbers and would like to have a degree. You simply cannot ask a REAL artist to use a calculator instead of a pencil. If you REALLY feel this way about the art lessons, you probably aren’t a real artist. No offense. I’m no artist either. I’m a science buff. But my sister IS, and we are different, we like different things. Plus, when a company wants to hire an artist, they want somebody with an art degree, not a finance degree. Your art teacher may suck but that doesn’t mean that ALL teachers suck. And if he says you should use a B3 pencil instead of a B2, he’s probably right! Art in general does not have ‘rights or wrongs’, but when your in college/ university, there ARE rules that you must follow!