What is a good attention grabber to put in my intro to my essay?

My essay is about me respecting my older brother.

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3 Answers to “What is a good attention grabber to put in my intro to my essay?”

  1. salvy says:

    I always put in a quote about who im writing about or who the essay is about

  2. publics says:

    well usually starting out with a question is good. you could also start w/ a fact or something else that will tie in to the whole paper. if you told me what the paper is going to have in it i might be able to give u an exact answer, but for now this is all i got

  3. semiexpanded says:

    Good attention grabbers:1. An exclamation: something about your brother that you think would immediately catch a reader’s attention. It could be something outrageous, something profane, something that jumps out.2. Ask a question. By doing so, you are encouraging the reader to delve deeper into your essay to see if they can find the answer to that question.3. Comparison – Say something like, “My brother is like the 17-year-old version of Elvis Presley.”