Help me start my essay paper! please?

Help me start my essay paper! please?i need an intro , for a story of mind i need to turn in by tomorrow , something short i can add on too , my story is about a 30 year old women searching for the right man . thanks (:

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  1. bisalt says:

    Well, if I were you, I would write it as if I were an 30-y-old woman, staying in on a Saturday night. Feeling lonely, you read a book, maybe, when your phone rings. It’s an old friend (a person you work with, maybe). You go out, have a good time, and you have a conversation with your friend next morning about him. Is it a story, an essay..? More like a novel or a report..? I don’t know your style.. :/(English is not my mother tongue, so sorry for any errors. :) (I’d be delightful to help you more, but I need to know if it’s an essay of a reportive style, or a story…?) :D