How Would You Say Alcohol Helps You Appreciate The World Around You?

So, the real reason for my question is that I found this one dude's brilliant essay a while back about how alcohol makes you slow down and appreciate the subtle intricacies of life that you might otherwise fly right past (alcohol, in a reasonable degree of moderation, I mean). And I absolutely cannot find it, but I know, my good countrymen, I can't get just as good a summation of the unique perspective alcohol can provide from my dear friends the Yahoo! Answers! community.

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6 Answers to “How Would You Say Alcohol Helps You Appreciate The World Around You?”

  1. lymphotrophy says:

    i would say that it takes away you inhibitions so you try more things.. and being intoxicated makes you stop and slow down.. it defiantly makes you emotions stronger… i know when i used to drink and get drunk to the point where i could still walk.. ( not falling down in a stupor) but feeling good.. its like when you are sober you see more of an outer circle and when drinking your circle closes in and see see more of what going on around you because your focus cant reach as far…

  2. attenna says:

    Interesting question…I think it does! whenever I get drunk I look at details more so.

  3. cathodofluorescence says:

    it makes women look better

  4. metapsychism says:

    That’s the reason I stay drunk….

  5. unsubstanced says:

    Well,I guess the only real way Alcohol Helps one Appreciate The World Around them is to be out of the hospital recovering from liver damage,dehydration,and everything else that goes along with the fluid consumption of alcohol,That is when they may well realize that they need to sober up before they’re 6 feet under prematurely.

  6. recrates says:

    alcohol is a depressant so it exaggerates a little more on how u r feeling at the time, and wen u drink wen u r happy u will get a really happy feeling which i guess makes u love the things around u a little more, but yet that is y a lot of fights happen because wen ppl are drunk and they are angry it really emphasizes on how they feel and wen someone does something that irritates them, they will REALLY get angry and want to fight