My hero essay, any idea ?

okay, so i'm wrting a 2 page essay on who my hero is and why... I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING... its do 2morrow and the only thing i have written down is the title ! omg... i seriously need help. all of my friends are doing a superhero for there topic, so i have to do one too. my superhero is BATMAN... bcuz they took all the rest and said i could use that one ... but anyways... i just need all the help i can have, an outline, or... your ideas, or something! please please pleasseee help... this essay is going to be part of the determination of weather i getta move on to the next grade ! :/ ANY IDEAS FOR OUTLINES OR ANYTHING WOULD BE MUCH HELP !

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  1. misdescription says:

    i think you should change your superhero…but if u stick with him then you should write about his “powers” and about his villians(the joker) and about his partner robin…you cud say hes ur hero bcuz he cares about justice

  2. masini says:

    Hi, well is the hero suppossed to be about a fictional character or someone real? If it’s about fictional characters such as Batman (I personally would choose Gwen from Ben 10 or Belle from Beuty and the Beast. If you are a girl, if you are a boy then batman is cool. You could write about the actor Heath Ledger who died before he could finish playing The joker. I know it’s not Batman but you could mention that. I would title it: Batman: The Dark Angel.Questions to think about answering.1.) Where was Batman born?2.) How old was he when his parents were killed?I know he was young but I don’t know the exact age.3.) What made him decide to choose a bat as something he wanted his costume to look like?I k now the answer to this one…when he was young he fell in a hole that was full of bats and he was deathly afraid so he felt he had to overcome his fear from his childhood days.4.)What other enemies did he have besides The Joker? 5.)What was his costume made of?6.)What was the butlers’ name?7.)What was his hardest challenge during a battle?8.)How did he overcome his fears?9.)Why did he hide his identity (I know that’s easy).?10.)Who was his best friend?11.)Who was the love of his life and how did she help him…in what ways was she either there for him or not.12.)Who came up with the music for the cartoons and films?13.)Who built the car, how long did it take and how did the actor feel about driving it?14.)What is Batmans’ role in life as a hero? Did he save lives? Did he catch the bad guys and then just go home? Did he try to talk to the thieves to turn their lives around? I know he did in the cartoons to a couple of thieves. Also, did he ever try to help an enemy get out of being seriously hurt or killed?Well, I hope that helped you give you ideas. I know a lot about it because my son watches Batman a lot. His name is Bruce and that’s about all I can tell you. Good luck.,

  3. confrontations says:

    Just because your friends are doing superheroes doesn’t mean you have to. Do someone you like. I personally look up to Marilyn Monroe.

  4. preparatives says:

    A Hero doesnt have to be someone positive, it can be someone who has led a horrible life, but they can be your hero because you can flip it and say he/she has taught you how you don’t want to live your life. Just think of the one thing that has influenced you or has shaped you to be the person you are today.

  5. camerate says:

    see, no one can tell you who you must admire or choose a hero for you, cuz that is a personal choice.anyway, you have requested too much so i’ll try to help you,you can take albert anishtain, alexander graham bell or angelina jolie, lol. (*_*) hope ypu like itmy greetings…….