Religious Education Help?

I have to do an essay for a grade tomorrow in class, and I am allowed to take in notes.. but I'm not sure as I have never been taught any of this and the internet isn't helping me :Could you please help me?The essay will be based on this statement:"Selfishness is the reason why people are poor"-Do you agree/disagree with what it is saying or what it means? - what would someone with a different point of view think? (I am undecided btw, give your views?)- What would a religious person say (please give your views and why you think that)- What would a humanist say about that statement and why? Thanks in advance xx

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  1. irrationally says:

    I do AS Level R.E and I get questions like this all the time.Starting what you personally believe is the easy part but you need to explain why you believe this, example, government wanting too much from their people and become selfish leaving more and more people in poverty, also in line with governments asking for money they have loaned to poor developing countries with added interest showing greed towards a country with nothing to give back.A teaching form the bible may help back up your statement such as the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus, where the rich man, who knew of Lazarus’ poor condition left him in his state, showing and boasting his greed and after his death he goes to hell. Maybe not the best one but their are lots of quotes you can get online on wealth in parables and Jesus’ teaching.Another point of view is that selfishness is indeed not the reason why people are poor, it may be misjudge perceptions and misusing any money they have on unnecessary things.A biblical passage in Genesis is that we are all equal, maybe referring that money and wealth should be equally divided.A religious person would believe that wealth and selfishness leads to people becoming poor as most religious people live on borderline poverty just living on the basics.Not sure about a humanist in all honesty but I hope you understand what I have put forward here and good luck :)

  2. jinking says:

    w00t I love R.E :D Here goes:First Part YOU have to Decide personally.Second part I believe it is because some people are selfish and choose not to share their wealth with the needy people.Third part a Religious person would say to share your wealth and not to be Selfish, and finally try to help others the best you can.Finally, I’m not sure what a Humanist is so your on your own there…Good Luck!P.S: Year 10 Student in R.E ftw? (Yes, I’m in Year 10.)

  3. undeserting says:

    start with whatever religion you study… for example, Christianity… and then state what that religion says about how you should treat the poor, and what they do to help the poor. Then argue as if you were a [christian] or which ever religion you study… and say that they would agree/disagree with the statement… in this case they are likely to agree. Then argue that some people of that religion, or other religions would disagree because… and then talk about other factors as to why people are poor.. e.g. corrupt governments etcThen finish with your belief… approx a few sentences long.oh… and I would advice to ‘sit on the fence’ and say that you mainly agree or disagree with one way or the other… and then state why you don’t fully agree… state positives of the other. There is no right or wrong :)