The symbolism of sleep in Macbeth by William Shakespeare?

Reading if for english class and have to write an essay and wonder about other peoples opinions because i have a couple of ideas and am not sure if they are valid. Sleep is mentioned in act one, scene three, lines 20-21act one scene eight lines 71-74 and 86-88act two scene one lines 8-11act two scene one lines 61-63act two scene two lines 30-35act two scene two lines 47-57act three scene two 21-25act three scene four lines 173-176act four scene one lines 93-97act five scene one 4-14this is not all of the places where it is mentioned but a lot of them.thanks

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4 Answers to “The symbolism of sleep in Macbeth by William Shakespeare?”

  1. uscsnet says:

    so what are your ideas? Maybe sleep is a metaphor for pretending not to see the horror of what they had done. Maybe it is a metaphor for the death that surrounds the characters. Maybe they tired. What do you think?

  2. burckin says:

    hmmm… we just read MacBeth… well… sleep wasn’t mentioned as one of the symbols. Now Lady MacBeth washing her hands while sleepwalking… that is symbolism for her trying to wash away her sins for the murder of the king.

  3. cueist says:

    It’s been awhile, but I know that got me through my college Shakespeare class

  4. flopovers says:

    Soulsleep, ( death ) methinks!