To Kill A Mockingbird!? much help needed?

How does Atticus Finch display heroism.....looking for "honors" answers here... not cut and dry plain simple ones i need to stand out on this essay! helpppp! any other good points about it? thanks specifics

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5 Answers to “To Kill A Mockingbird!? much help needed?”

  1. wonderer says:

    He does only what his nature will allow him to do, same as everyone else. Each of us holds different things of high value, thus we act to support those values. There is no such thing as heroism. It’s a trick question. Atticus had a unique supreme value, the better question is: “what did he value above all else?”

  2. nonvortically says:

    By standing up for what he knows is right and not conforming to the likes of society.He risked his, and his kids, reputation and safety defending what was ultimately right. Just because society has skewed views of race doesn’t mean it’s right, and Atticus knew this.I hope you read this though. It’s easily one of the best 3 books ever written.

  3. naem says:


  4. hoodwinks says:

    He stands strong in the face of the rampant racism that swirls around him. He defends the black man against the charges against him and (in any other location or time) would have returned a “Not Guilty” verdict.Even when he kills the rabid dog, that takes a degree or heroism, thinking about others.(I hope you did read the book and are not cutting the corner on homework)

  5. yenkcah says:

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