Finishing essay, but can’t figure out how to finish this sentence?

Alright. 12 people from my school are being chosen to go on a trip to California during spring break. There, these students will be going snorkeling, hiking, etc. In order to sign up for a chance to be chosen, we have to write an essay. I need help finishing my sentence:Going to California would be an experience I would never forget. The lasting impact it would have on me and my future life would be the gained experience in photography, plus The reason I talk about photography is because earlier on in the essay I mention that photography is what I want to major in in college. Now, I want to end the sentence with somehow showing what I'll get from trying new things or from the experience as a whole. PLEASE HELP, I DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME!

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  1. devoure says:

    How about a closing paragraph:Being selected to participate in the trip to California would give me opportunities to enlarge, enrich and deepen my way of looking at the world, not only through my photography but also through thinking and reflecting on new experiences, new visions, new thoughts, new people (and the familiar ones in a new way), absorbing a different landscape, feeling a different climate, a being in a different world. It would not only be thrilling to see the Pacific Ocean but to see possible effects of climate change before my own eyes, to see how Californians relate to it. California has been in the news lately for its financial crisis and for ironically voting down proposition 8, the controversial amendment blocking same sex marriage which was legal in the state. I am curious about how its citizens really see the issue and what that might mean for those of us in other states. It would be fascinating to see how the state’s budget crisis is effecting everyday life, especially as it is the eighth largest economy in the world. I believe this school excursion will change me in fundamental and profound ways that my I would treasure and would expand my art.

  2. reseeking says:

    I would gain much more insight into my chosen field and my life by experiencing things like travel and learning first hand about all the different cultures and exciting places that are to be found in California. The weather, architecture, history, scenery and people of California are so different from here that I could not fail to be educated and enlightened by a visit there. Everything in California is fresh and vibrant and I would be so inspired and motivated that I am sure it would be a life enhancing experience and a life long memory.

  3. oldvars says:

    plus it will help me see different places and broaden my horizons for different types of photographY?

  4. kibuzim says:

    Going to California will be the experience I could never forget. Not only will my knowledge in photography have the chance to grow but the skills I will need for my future will be gained and executed