What is the theme of the movie Another Earth? Or how do you determine what the theme of a movie is?

I'm writing an essay on the movie Another Earth for a film assignment. I'm not sure I quite understand how to determine the theme of a movie?

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2 Answers to “What is the theme of the movie Another Earth? Or how do you determine what the theme of a movie is?”

  1. coronations says:

    I would say that the overarching theme of the movie is atonement. Throughout the movie the main character tries to atone for what she has done by helping the man, cleaning his house and getting him back in the game by being a kind of moral support. She also atones by punishing herself for what she has done, taking a minimum wage job when she could still do great things with her life and isolating herself from her old friends and her family. The other Earth introduces the possibility of an alternate reality where she did not make the same choices and highlights just how much one instance of carelessness has impacted her forever.

  2. surbases says:

    the main character tries to makeup for the mistake she did when she killed the man’s wife and baby. another exact same earth is like a background to the movie. i would say theme is responsibility. she feels that it’s her responsibility to help that guy after what she did to his family. she helps by cleaning his house, being his friend/lover… making him smile and happy again.