Any good book with a hero ?

I need a good book with a hero to write an essay on heroism .

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8 Answers to “Any good book with a hero ?”

  1. dirctor says:

    the bible…but you don’t have enough time!

  2. dyspepsias says:

    Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

  3. austenite says:

    Read HEROES DIE by Matthew Woodring Stover or the new series by John Ringo starting with his first book called GHOST, then KILDAR, then CHOOSERS OF THE SLAIN and the newest book I do not have yet.

  4. teleophore says:

    I don’t have a specific book, but one person who is a true hero…Harriet Tubman. I don’t know what level of book you need, so I’ve just put a link to Amazon and Harriet Tubman books. She was amazing. She was hit on the head as a girl (age 12) when she wouldn’t move out of the way of a white man going after a slave that had run into a store (and she refused to help.) This affected her later – she would pass out without warning (I know I read that somewhere. Not sure which book.) But it never stopped her.As a conductor on the Underground Railroad, she was something else. One thing that has stuck with me is the fact she would threaten any runaway slaves with death if they started acting like they wanted to turn back. If they were dead, they couldn’t give the others away, right?The other link is the first one when I searched on Yahoo for some of her history. Amazing, not just as a runaway slave, but as a woman as well. We’re talking the 1800s. Very strong and determined.

  5. homagers says:

    The best hero of all – Don Quixote. Pax- C.

  6. ridgil says:

    David Gemmel wrote books with heroes that are actually good guys, a rare thing in fantasy these days. Try “Legend” starring Druss the Legend.

  7. rawhider says:

    1984. He kinda goes down in the end though.

  8. bandel says:

    Any Sherlock Holmes book, a true hero, he sacrificed so much of life for the good of London, and devoted every waking moment to stopping evil.