Can someone please edit my essay for grammar, errors, and punctuation?

One of the core ethical principles of social work is that all people have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. We must ensure that each individuals’ human rights are upheld. Considering that each person has a right to be treated as a whole person, this requires social workers to not only be concerned about the individual, but also their family, community, and environment. Social workers must come together to change the social conditions that contribute to economic inequalities by challenging unjust policies and practices at every level. This includes making sure that those in need receive resources first, and that resources offered are distributed fairly. Social workers are concerned with well-being of individuals who are the most helpless in society. They work with women and children, the elderly and disabled individuals who are more likely to live in poverty. Not having access to resources, transportation, education, employment, and child care can make it difficult for them to fully participate in their communities. Being able to work and provide for our needs and those of our families is essential to our well-being. Individuals susceptible to living in poverty should not be deprived of their basic necessities that can sustain their lives.Before we can address changes for those living in poverty, first, we need to look at clearly what is causing poverty. There are many factors to why people are living in poverty: lack of income, lack of resources that ensure sustainable lives, limited or lack of access to education and services, a lack of participation in decision-making and loss of livelihood as a result of economic recession or disaster. There needs to be a combination of resources, support, empowerment, education and employment opportunities for individuals living in poverty to enhance their well-being and improve their lives. For instance, we must ensure that there is universal access to economic opportunities that promote sustainable lives and social services, as well as being able to facilitate access to opportunities and services for the disadvantaged. People living in poverty an vulnerable groups must be empowered to through participation in all aspect of their lives. We need to expand opportunities to enable people living in poverty to enhance their overall capacities and improve their economic and social conditions. Therefore, as social workers we need to change social conditions in order to ensure access for all individuals to resources, opportunities, and public services. People living in poverty should also be empowered by strengthening education at all levels and ensuring access to education of these people. Having an education for people living in poverty can aid in their opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that they need to better their conditions and improve their lives. Other areas that can aid and improve the lives of people living in poverty are ensuring that there is equal access to social services, especially education. For example, equal access to social services programs that enable vulnerable people and those living in poverty to improve their lives and by them fully participating in their lives. What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about people being poor; laziness, unmotivated, unemployed, no education, and having children. These are not even the main reasons that contribute to someone living in poverty. Most people living in poverty are often discriminated and more likely to be vulnerable, powerless, and without a voice. All individuals have a right to be treated equally regardless of their race, gender, sex, or age. This is about equality, rights, dignity, and having a voice for those groups that are vulnerable and oppressed. It is about taking the time to help individuals, women, children, and families in need to build a better life and future for themselves. It is about recognizing that every person deserves the right to a decent standard of living and the chance to contribute to the common good. Ultimately, it is about empowering people to be self-sufficient to making decisions that can contribute to their development and well-being. We need to support programs that give opportunity for those in need to develop skills, knowledge, and information that can improve their overall social and economic conditions and well-being. One needs to be given the opportunity, resources, and support to benefit from development and participation in decision making affecting themselves and their community. We need to come together as a community in ensuring that inequality must be addressed at all levels. There needs to be gender equality in equal access to education, health care and equal opportunities for individuals, women, and children. Women are the biggest percentage of support for their families and children. We need to ensure that women for one are empowered to be able to participate in making their own decisions and have the o

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