Macbeth work 20 points to the best answer URGENT!… NEEDED?

i need to write an essay on macbethintrowitches importance to the plotwhy is witchcraft so intyeresting with the audienceP1how does the scene establish the mood of the playwho are they waiting forwhat is the battle the refer toP2what the witches tell banqou and macbeth and their reactionsgive an example of the witches behaviorP3this paragraph is a short one about the hectate sceneP4includea quote and explanation about the witches in the 1st scenewhat the apparitions tell meacbeththanks in advance

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  1. evacuative says:

    I wish i could help, but i have no idea

  2. nondefilement says:

    Not urgent at all.And seems you have a good number of points to think about already, so get thinking and writing.Macbeth is a good read, though the modern “translations” leave a lot to be desired as compared to the original.