What is the easiest way to take a “bieng” verb out of a sentence?

In English we are writing this essay about Hercules (Greek God)and i need help taking a being verb out of the sentence.The sentence is "His strength growing,he is hercules"as we all know "is" is a being verb so i kind of need help about how to get a being verb out of a sentence.Thanks in advance,Valerie :)

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2 Answers to “What is the easiest way to take a “bieng” verb out of a sentence?”

  1. hui says:

    His strength is growing, the man called hercules

  2. comedowns says:

    Ok, first I have to say that ¨His strength growing, he is hercules.¨ is not a sentence, so it´s very hard to guess what you are trying to say. I´ll take a stab at it, but if you get a chance to explain in more words what you want this sentence to express or it´s immediate context, that would be very helpful.Are you trying to say, Äs his strength grows he becomes Hurcules.¨? That´s the best suggestion I have, but I´ll try to check back incase you make what yr trying to ask a little clearer.