I need a good hook for a persuasive essay on Barack Obama !?

who wants another hitler?

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12 Answers to “I need a good hook for a persuasive essay on Barack Obama !?”

  1. unexcoriated says:

    Go to Wikipedia you will find a plethora of great information on the next President.

  2. papilionoid says:

    Obama: at least he’s not falling apart!

  3. undrivableness says:

    Make it about his Voting Record….. Wait, he doesnt have much of one.Ummm, Use his experience in office and how that will help him as president…… Oh Wait, he doesnt have much experience…Lets see…Um… Write it on the people that influenced his decision to run for president…… WAIT, he threw Jeremiah Wright, Rezco and such away already…Has to be something …… Ummmm, write about his good speeches maybe? …. DOH… cant do that he doesnt write them….Ummmm, Im lost, I dont know how to help you sorry.

  4. baetulus says:

    “He’s dishonest about being Honest”.Do your research, it’ll take you abouit 5 days to get a ton of data. All facts that will be confirmed.

  5. camey says:

    write something about all the crazy white douchebags who keep comparing him to hitler. those people suck.

  6. Macrobiotus says:

    Was this persuasive essay supposed to be pro, or con? I can think of an easy one for the con:Barack Obama: Beast or AntiChrist?

  7. heliosd says:

    Barack Obama and his democratic friends caused the housing crisis. The Balck caucus members went after the regulator and praised Franklin Raines the CEO of freddie mac and fannie mae and obama’s advisor. They insisted that they were solid but they were the start of the melt down,even president clinton said that they did not heed the warnings of him or the republicans that there needed to be more regulation over the housing entities

  8. hysterocele says:

    Taking it from behind: Obamas underdog journey to the white house.or maybe improbable journeysomething that touches on his rags to riches tale

  9. Babiism says:

    Still believe in the toothe fairy ? Then vote for Obama. He’s the one for you !

  10. tickings says:

    Mr. Obama is proabortion. Specifically, he’s pro partial birth abortion. Yet, most of us don’t really know what this is. All we know is it is done to “save the life of the mother”. Now, I can’t imagine a single reason why this would save the life of a mother – EVER. Maybe this will find its way to a doctor who can explain what specific situations this would be used where it would save the life of the mother over just delivering the baby alive. Partial birth abortion is done on fetuses up to full term. These fetuses have a heartbeat, move, suck their thumb and attempt to breathe in the womb – just as they do outside of it. Now, in all fairness a fetus under the age of 26 weeks has a very poor outcome if delivered early – if they live at all. I’m not sure that justifies killing them inside the uterus, though. Now imagine a newborn baby. This baby is usually 6-9 pounds and comes out head first crying lustily. Imagine this same baby having its world invaded by forceps which are used to grab its leg and turn it so it is delivered feet first. It is then delivered up to it’s shoulders. At this point, the head gets stuck in the cervix as it clamps back down (this is why most breech deliveries are now handled by c-section – it’s safter for the baby). The doctor – with the babies’ body hanging out of the mother – cuts open the back of the skull where it meets the neck and inserts a suction catheter. He/she then sucks out the contents of the skull – i.e. brain – which collapses the head so it can be delivered. If this makes you want to puke – IT SHOULD! We don’t treat animals this way!Yet, our presidential hopeful sees nothing wrong with this….Food for thought…

  11. recommendation's says:

    you are the next hitler marissa wat a such hatteri know why u hating cuz u cant be like him lmao Report Abuse

  12. pakiana says:

    Just hand in a blank piece of paper – that’s about as pro as you can get.