In what ways does our bill of rights and constitution protect out freedoms?

In what ways does our bill of rights and constitution protect out freedoms? I need to know AS MUCH information as QUICKLY as possible on this question (for an essay). Thanks!

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  1. Coahuiltecan says:

    Yea what he said and you probably could Wikipedia this and find out details on what freedoms they are.Of course you have the freedom to use Wikipedia because of the constitution! When you are not doing home work look up the tabled bills SOPA and PIPA. These two bills threaten to destroy our freedoms and the internet as we know it! Scary stuff!

  2. mfinkel says:

    Heres a brief explanation. You should just read the constitution and bill of rights there not that long.. Ask to read a sample of the constition should be in your textbook unless you dont have it and its due tomorrow but anyway. The Constitution was made to prevent a tyrannical government which they learned with Great Britain. After abolishing the AOC the Constitution was made to protect Citizens Natural rights and limit the power of government but at the same time giving the government more power, unifying the states, cutting off there soveirgnity and powers. The Constition protects Natural Rights, a theory by John Locke and gives us our constitutional rights such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Freedom of peaceful assembly, the right to bear arms, search and seizure, ect. The Constitution was made to protect the citizen against the government. Many states only agreed to ratify the constition if there was a bill of rights made which basically protects the citizen from anything not mentioned in the constition.. It’s exact purpose was to protect the State and individuals rights.