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i am doing a research essay on iran's nuclear program for schooli have to find a question to develop an argument about the different VP of countries on iran's nuclear program (this is my first time doing this sooo please heeelpppp )for example :iran believes ......USA believes ...... so what would be a good Question to ask that will have these VPs as answers ? >< the Q should be clear and precise n my teacher said u should start with something like : to what extent i thought maybe a question like this : Should the I.A.E.A give Iran the permission to work on the nuclear program? or Why the A.E.I.A should/should’t give Iran the permission to work on the nuclear program?soo any ideas ?oh btw, any tips or sites u know that might help me in doing this essay ? specially asking a good question first ?TT

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  1. borazon says:

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  2. dolecki says:

    So are you arguing for or against it?Start there. Then research current events that relate to your topic. These can be brought up to support your side. Ask questions that relate to the current events. For example:President elect Barack Obama suggested that nuclear energy is a potential alternative energy to reduce out green house gas emmisions. VP of _______, we all share this earth, why do you feel that a controlled nuclear power system could not also help Iran cut down on its green house gas emissions? And furthermore, what gives us the right to disallow them of this concept, if they wish to use it as an alternative to oil, and a cleaner fuel?Think about both sides, and stay firm with your choice.