I’m not getting anywhere with this research essay. Can anyone help me?

Hi,So I'm writing a research essay for my college English course, and the topic is: Death of a Salesman. The specific topic is still a little broad to me, though. Anyway, I have to focus on one major insight (Thesis statement) into one character--as that character is represented at the end of the play; that is, what is an important insight (not a fact) that you know at that point about one main character.I chose Willy because I know there will is a lot of scholarly information about him. (I need a few sources)Writing it isn't the problem. I'm having trouble getting started. Once I have an idea I can usually run with it.But I need a strong thesis and so far I've got nothing.Any help getting started or even brainstorming some ideas would be greatly appreciated!Thank you.-Tara

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  1. unconciliable says:

    I don’t know if it’s too late to change your choice or not, but it would be easiest to pick Biff. Biff is the one who starts out as an impressionable kid and ends being a insightful man. He realizes at the end of the story that the Lomans have always been telling, living, and believing their own lies.You could concentrate on how Biff was an irresponsible student because his dad put the focus on being “well-liked” as opposed to really emphasizing being a hard-working honest person. He then goes into a phase of depression & stealing because of his upbringing & his witnessing his dad’s affair. Biff goes away to work on a farm (and to jail) and finds himself. He realizes that he understands who he really is & what makes him happy. He enjoys working with his hands. That’s not going to make him rich, but it makes him happy. At the end of the play, Biff takes a stand and decides to live his life according to his true beliefs.Your thesis insight into Biff’s character could be that he was a victim of his dad’s twisted thinking & influence, but once he acquired some of his own life experience he was able to shed his father’s belief system and discover & acknowledge his own.

  2. loebner says:

    i suggest you can start with1) intro about the salesman.2) what kind of job he does i.e. what he sells,how his performance was.3) his Life.4) and further carry on.