What are some pro’s and con’s of using stent grafting rather than open heart surgery?

i'm writing a persuasive essay and my topic is about patients getting stent grafts to fix heart problems rather than open heart surgery? can someone help me out with pro's and con's or main points i could use? that would be great, thanks!

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3 Answers to “What are some pro’s and con’s of using stent grafting rather than open heart surgery?”

  1. kashida says:

    Stents are considerably less invasive than open heart surgery. You can have stents put in with minimal inconvenience, and you run a very low chance of having anything remotely approaching the potential risks of open heart surgery. Many stent patients have them inserted on one day, and go home the next. USUALLY, a CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) is limited to one per customer per life, while you can have repeated stents inserted in the future should you have new occlusions develop. By the time they get you prepped for the table for a CABG, you can be finished and back in your room with a stent. It’s just a much better way to handle occluded coronary arteries. Not everyone is a candidate for stents; if you have multiple blockages, they may still prefer to open you up as the better choice. But for the isolated occlusion or two, stents are the way to go. By the way, there is a very slight chance of re-occlusion after a stent, but that risk drops to just about zero after about 10 days. Within 30 days, the patient feels like a new man (or woman). It’s not unusual to hear 60 year old men tell you a couple of months later that they feel like they are 25 again. You don’t always hear that after CABG’s, but you do with stents.

  2. rattlings says:

    cheaperfar less invasive

  3. socicom says:

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