I need help with an Allegory Essay?

I am doing an original allegory that mimics the style of George Orwell in Animal Farm.I am having a hard time of what to write that is similar to what George Orwell was trying to do, how he put the characters as Animals instead of humans, and how he relates the character to the Revolution in Russia. like for examplein the story he uses Napoleon represented as Stalin.so Instead of doing a story of animals, what other ideas that i shall represent the Revolution in another view

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  1. vills says:

    Maybe instead of animals you could use little kids. Or toys like in Toy Story. That would be kinda cute, actually. GI Joes or something takes over. The Barbies are like the sheep and just hang out putting on lipstick and fawning over the Joes, even when they all have to start wearing crummy KMart clothes. Are you supposed to be doing an allegory of the Russian Revolution or creating an original allegory to something else?