Othello essay question – struggling, grr?

"How important is Revenge as a Motivating Factor in the Shakespeare Play you are Studying?"Ok, i don't really get what it's asking me to do, i started writing it but now i feel that i'm just going round the point completely.Is it just asking me to say that revenge is important because it motivated all these things (Iago's plan, Othello killing Desdemona, etc...) and saying why these are motvated by revenge, and then saying why their possibly not, and how they may be motivated by other factors?Any possible points you have would be a great help, i'm at a loose end - i've got two weeks so i can go see someone next week, but i really wanted to get a lot done this weekend. Thanks in advance!

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  1. propere says:

    its been 2 years since ive read thiss.. but ambition and revenge are the main themes of the book!

  2. penzias says:

    You’re on the right track. It’s important to remember that Othello is impulsive and lives in the moment, and he doesn’t really think about things before he acts. (Otherwise, he would listen to Desdemona, whom he claims to love, before believeing Iago.) Iago’s motives have always been a little vague. Many believe that he is totally overreacting to the slight he thinks he suffered. However, Othello is usually said to be acting out of passion, insecurity, and jealousy. If it was revenge, why didn’t he go after the man? Considering that women were thought to be weak and stupid at that time, one would think he’d go for the man who seduced her (even though he didn’t.) If you want to see a really good performance of the murder of Desdemona, rent or download Stage Beauty and watch the last 1/2 hour.