Help on documentary ideas for project?

For my humanities class, we have a project due in a few weeks and it's making a documentary. We can either make the documentary by having a 10-minute film or audio clip, 3 different art pieces (each with a page-long explanation of what they're displaying and the point), or 25 pictures explaining them and writing a 3-page essay. I was thinking I'd either do the 25 pictures or I'd do 3 drawings, but I'm not sure what I should do my documentary on. I honestly have no idea as I have never done anything documentary-related before.Any help / input would be greatly appreciated!Thank you!

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  1. jackety says:

    The comments on good camera work, sound considerations and story boarding are excellent. That said, when doing a documentary, typically you wouldn’t do 3 drawings, yourself. You could pick an artist and show how he/she progressed throughout his career. Pablo Picasso actually had several distinct stages you could document. You could also pick a particular style, i.e., pointillism, and show works from various artists and comment on their differences and similarities.

  2. prestia says:

    The options you have for your projects are very nice:you can work on any category,but before working keep in mind some things related to these options.Documentary;Idea of documentary making is superb but it wants camera’s skill and non-linear editing as well as good sound recording system and sound bank also.No matter idea is great but it is bit expensive if you’re going to hire professional cameraman or editor.Audio clips:Now come to audio clips,its quite a better idea as it only require good quality microphones so you can record characters in your bedroom if you wants.Story boarding;Idea of 25 pictures sounds more interesting and everything would be under your sketch pencil you can explain very well by painting a story on story board.Anyway every idea given above is splendid and you will come to now many interesting things by using any of above,I’ll not confine you go ahead.I’m student of media sciences if you want my help please let me know,I’ll like to help you.