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Hey, so I just finished reading Macbeth for school. My teacher assigned an essay for us to do. She asked if we think the witches' predictions were right or if the witches' predictions were disappointing because of duality and doublespeak.So.. I said that I believe in neither and I believe that the witches' prophecies were self-fulfilling prophecies. Isn't that right? I know it has some duality and doublespeak, however, I think they are self-fulfilling prophecies because Macbeth chose to murder King Duncan so he can become king. If he just ignored the witches, all of this would have never happened. Also, when Macduff said he was not 'born of woman', Macbeth managed to let himself be killed by Macduff because he thought he could never die because everyone was 'born from woman.' I think these events prove that the prophecies were self-fulfilling.Do I have the right idea or should I just say that the prophecies are based on duality and doublespeak? I need some advice!

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  1. ferritungstite says:

    The witches were correct but they did inspire Macbeth to act, which makes them in many ways self-fulfilling.

  2. fehr says:

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  3. steepen says:

    By its nature a self-fulfilling prophecy is a correct prediction. You are not being asked to say if the witches really did make predictions, but rather can the events of the play be seen as confirmation of their predictions (i.e., did they say it would rain in the morning and it did) or were their predictions phrased in such a way that no matter what happened they could say we said that would happen (i.e., there will be weather events in the morning perhaps wet from above perhaps wet from below) This could be seen as true because there is always weather and if it rained that is wet from above and if no rain there would be dew, wet from below. There is no way to confirm or deny it as it really doesn’t say anything.Hope this helps.