Why do Top Contributors try too hard and make their answers seem like essays?

Seriously, anyone could copy and paste Wikipedia.

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5 Answers to “Why do Top Contributors try too hard and make their answers seem like essays?”

  1. gniggid says:

    too get the extra 10 points Badges[edit]Top ContributorThe point system encourages users to answer as many questions as they possibly can, up to their daily limit. Once a user shows that they are knowledgeable within a specific category they may receive an orange “badge” under the name of their avatar naming them a Top Contributor. The user can then lose this badge if they do not maintain their level and quality of participation.[11] Once a user becomes a “Top Contributor” in any category, the badge appears in all answers, questions, and comments by the user regardless of category. One can be a Top Contributor of maximum 3 categories.[12] List of Top contributors is updated every Monday.[13] Yahoo answers staff has kept conditions of becoming a TC secret. However, many theories among users exist like:User wanting to become a TC must have more than or equal to 12% Best answers.User should be at least on level 2. Although, some first level users with TC Badge have claimed to be seen.Out of these, none have an official status.[13] This feature began March 8, 2007.[edit]StaffThis badge is seen under the name staff members of Yahoo Answers.[14][edit]OfficialThis type of badge is found on the name of celebrites (like mentioned above) and government departments like tourism department. [15][edit]Criticism

  2. saccharon says:

    They probably just like to sound smart, or they have nothing else better to do :P

  3. opalski says:

    Yes I admit I can waffle on sometimes when I am answering a question. I am an excellent typist and so I have always talked as I type and sometimes just get carried away.I am a top contributor and it is in categories that I know about so I do not have to copy and paste all the time, I sometimes use the copy and paste when the answer requires the date and death of someone. Although I might know the dates I do not always know the places of the birth and death.

  4. spirtis says:

    because that’s the only way for them to get voted as best answer.

  5. hei says:

    You’ve got a point there and I’ve often wondered the same thing. I’m no top contributor either.