How many pages are expected in a GCSE English Literature Exam?

I am aware that quality takes a precedance when writing an essay, but what is the general number of a pages required to write a good quality response i.e A*/A standard.

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5 Answers to “How many pages are expected in a GCSE English Literature Exam?”

  1. fisico says:

    you did 12 and got an A?that’s a dumb amount to write- A* candidates write alot abut a little! Report Abuse

  2. cottrell says:

    they need enough to see that you’re competent and that one awesome paragraph wasn’t just a fluke basically. They like to see you expanding and explaining points fully- so if you make a point don’t cover it in a sentence, take up a whole paragraph or two. Also A* candidates tend to make less points that A ones because they’re explained in such detail. I’d say about 2 sides for each question- like the guy above. It depends on the question and how confident you are about your response. if you’re sure your writing is crystal clear and every point would get marks then i would write less than if i wasn’t sure about one point, in which case i’d put another point in there two, in case the dodgy one didn’t work at all. Ask your teacher to make sure and look back at your mocks and see how you picked up you marks there. good luck

  3. midwifery says:

    Hi,I’m taking my GCSE’s in June and my teacher said anything from 2 to 4 sides of A4 is fineColiwog :D

  4. deringa says:

    I would expect to see at least 2 sides for each essay for a C grade – but then it starts to be more about the quality of the skills than essay length. I tell my students to write a lot about a little – meaning, write in close, analytical detail about a few points and avoid the temptation to try and get down everything you know! For an A grade, I would want to see independent ideas (as a marker you can tell which ideas have come from the teacher as most of the class use them!) and some alternative interpretations being explored. The quality of your language analysis is probably what is going to determine the final grade; aim for lots of concise, embedded quotations which are explored in a rnage of ways. Show that you understand the writer has consciously crafted this piece of writing and wanted to achieve specific effects.HTH

  5. chopper's says:

    i did 12 and got an A