The Importance of being Ernest and Castle Rackrent help?

I have to do an essay on Castle Rackrent or The importance of being Ernest, but neither question makes any sense to me. Maybe someone here can help."Edgeworth's Castle Rackrent at once supports and questions the act of union, discuss."Ok, am i the only one who read this and didn't see ANYTHING to do with the act of union in it? How would i answer this question? Which points would i make?And the Importance of being Ernest question isn't much better."Wilde's the Importance of being Ernest, like many Irish texts is about the ethics of ambiguity".WHAT? Ok, i know what ambiguity is, but i wasn't aware there were ethics involved in it. How would you answer this question?Any help is appreciated.

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  1. sudkamp says:

    I wonder why you need help with this. lol I too am stuck on this and would greatly appreciate any help offered.

  2. dehumanizing says:

    In Wilde’s title there is ambiguity, since “Earnest” is a pun–referring both to a character and to earnestness. But I think you’re right regarding ethics–OW isn’t really conerned with ethics in this clever play if I remember correctly, although ethics are certainly relevant to his life as a whole. It ethics are dealt with its probably more amusing than sincere, more show than substance–the ethics of maintaining a proper upper class pose.As for the act of union, I’m american and perhaps behind on Brit history, but perhaps the act of union relates to joining Scotland with England and perhaps the story you mention is about Scotish nationalism. You have to ask what the pros and cons are for the union–what the people have to gain and lose by it. Today for instance, Scotland takes in in benefits and returned taxes more than it pays out, so that financially Scotland benefits by union even though it may lose something in pride.