Chances of getting into UCLA (I know typical question)?

Im planning on either majoring in Philosophy or psychology. (I just want a second opinion, not rants about how no one can ever know bc ucla is some mysterious beastly school who picks who they like blahblah)*SMC*Scholars Program (alternative major and priority admission)*GPA 3.7 -3.8*60-65 semster units*1 semester Sustainable Works Program*2 years in AGS Honor Society - three semseters being group leader (header for comm. service events - supervise volunteers)*2 semesters in SMC PreHealth Association.*tutor guitar in free timeI know it also depends on my essay when I apply and blabla i just wanna know if im on the right track for apply fall 2010.

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  1. banisters says:

    I assume SMC is Santa Monica College, not Southern Methodist. Yes you have a good chance of getting in, but it is too late to apply for fall 2010.