How to cite a website in an essay…10 points?

i know if you quote something from a website or get direct information from that source you must cite it not only on a work cited sheet but also in parenthesis within the report.....if you are citing a source in your essay from a website what do you put? there is no author...

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2 Answers to “How to cite a website in an essay…10 points?”

  1. zingeler says:

    Cite it first on the source citation page and then within the essay use the very first word from the citation as your parenthetical citation to look like this: Your sentence goes here (firstword).

  2. acrindoline says:

    you put the page or paragraph u found it on like ( author 3) if there is no author but something to represent the website like the publisher or anything else that you find on the website. Also if u don’t know how to do the citation in the back just go to it does it for you.