I’m writing an essay on global warming. what is a good hooK?

also, i have to write about the following 1)world is turning hot, flat (everyone in this world is becoming the same; becoming more middle class) and crowed, 2) reduce dependency on oil might affect countries, 3) reducing global warming. What are some thing that i can write about?

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  1. physadr says:

    a good hook is to write about the ten things you can do to help the earth and stop Global warming

  2. availabilities says:

    try this source: [external link] …

  3. bobstays says:

    Is Al Gore right? I mean, the world globe is getting warmer. But, why is it getting warmer? Is it because of humans and what they do? Statistics show that the average family is husband and wife, 2.5 children, house with 2.5 bedrooms, 2 cars and a lawnmower. The husband works a steady job 100 hours a week, sometimes 48 hours a day, and he gets a raise of 10 cents every 3 years. He drives 90 miles round trip to work and he gets Christmas as a holiday. Scary thought, isn’t it? I wonder, though. Is that why Al invented the internet? Is the internet replacing driving to work everyday? That would sort of put car mechanics out of business though. They just wouldn’t have that much business to keep the shop open. But, that would reduce our dependence on oil and gas, don’t you think? If we reduce our dependency on oil and gas, how will that affect the countries that produce the oil and gas? Won’t they have to find some other way to make money? Why don’t we look at what taking oil out of the earth does.Let’s journey back to the time of dinosaurs and volcanoes. Do you think that there was oil in the earth then? Well, I don’t think so. If you think of what oil does in a car besides lubricate the pistons and crankshaft, you might figure it out. After you drive a car for 90 miles at 60 miles an hour, you cannot open the hood and hug the engine and thank it for getting you home; it’ll burn you alive. Now, do you understand what oil does?The center of the earth is an extremely hot molten ball of iron. During the time there were volcanoes everywhere, there was no mechanism to stop the heat from the center pushing molten earth out to the surface. The dinosaurs suffocated and died and created the oil which did not cool the center of the earth, it cooled the surface.Do you now understand what oil does?There is no dinosaurs now, so is there a way to reduce the heat from the center of the earth?Maybe, in a few thousand years after we have slaughtered all the livestock because of disease and they go in the ground and create the oil that man has taken out.(end)That’s my thought and you are welcome to use it.

  4. otani says:

    how about how will we adapt to the global warming if it continues. we all evolve as time goes by to adapt to our environment, so how will we change.

  5. creepie says:

    Everyone says that we have to save the earth from global warming. The truth is, the earth can take care of itself. It is us that needs saving. We have to save ourselves, the human race by preventing global warming.I got that from the 11th hour movie trailer. Using it could be plagiarism, but if you cite your source, you should be fine.

  6. Danielic says:

    It is a very bad misunderstanding of the atmosphere and how it works amongst the general population that has allowed the alarmists to confuse the issue. Alarmisim is saying that Co2 produced by manufacturing activity caused or is the major cause of the .7c temperature change since 1850. Alarmisim is blaming Co2 for all the worlds woes and technology for natural events when if it was not for the retrograde Luddites in the democratic party we would have had the technology in place today to kill hurricanes and tornadoes before they could wreck communities.What drives climate, the sun drives climate and greenhouse gases moderate climate fluctuations. This is where the basic error of judgement is made about greenhouse gases in general and Co2 in particular. [external link] …This link is a very basic study of climate interactions and how they work in the real world. [external link] …This is the history of how Co2 became the culprit in something that never happened. The basic flaw in reasoning that led to the AGW hypotheses is that the global temperatures of the late 1800s were normal and desirable while people with a better scientific and historical perspective knew they were at the low end of the cycle. [external link] …Some more research that illustrates how the mistake was made placing the blame on Co2 instead of sunspot activity. [external link] …Added documentation on how the weather cycles are driven by solar activity and extremes are moderated and balanced by greenhouse gases. These gases in combination with the thermal storage of the oceans work to keep the planets temperature in balance within a fairly narrow range compared to what it would be without them. [external link] ‘pid…More on how the atmosphere and oceans work together to moderate the worlds climate and keep it in a comfortable range. [external link] …Clear information on solar minimums and maximums and how they effect climate variability. Our sun is a variable output star and a misunderstanding of this variability is a major reason the AGW supporters have made so many errors in their climate models. [external link] …Added studies on climate fluctuation over wide periods of time showing that while we are warmer than 1850 currently it is cooler and milder than previously documented climate optimums.

  7. gringo says:

    The hook is that it is FAKE

  8. nihilianism says:

    the fact that global warming will kill us is bullshit