Tomb of the unknown soldier?

My 8th grade is going on a field trip to washington DC.we are going to visit the tomb of the unknown soldier, and we can write an essay saying why we should recieve the honor of placing a wreath on the tomb. i dont know how to start it, any suggestions?

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  1. Alexandreid says:

    i dont even know what that far away do you live from DC?

  2. pulsellum says:

    The tomb represents all those who gave their lives for your country who have no known resting place. They died, but your placing of a wreath on the tomb, is an indication, by your generation, that they have not been forgotten. So, in placing a wreath on the tomb, you would be acting as a representative of your whole generation.

  3. confinity says:

    This is why we are free.

  4. semispheroidal says:

    Oh cool, I remember we did that too =) Well, just tell how the tomb represents so much and why it would be an honor to you to lay a wreath there. If you have any family connections, that would be great to also put in your essay-Have fun kiddo!

  5. lemuriform says:

    I was at the tomb of the unknown soldier last year for my 8th grade trip! I would start out an essay saying something like “The tomb of the unknown soldier represents the freedom of Americans, and I am truly appreciative for that” haha i know that’s not a complete sentence, but if you said something along those lines it would probably be good.Have fun in D.C.!