What did Congressman Akin mean by “legitimate rape”?

Is that awkward speak for the "forcible rape" distinction used by Congressman Ryan in his legislative contributions to the Republican war on women? Is that why Congressman Ryan phoned Congressman Akin and asked him to please go away? Is the spotlight on his soul-mate a bit too bright for Congressman Ryan heading into this convention week?Bonus question: What does all of this have to do with Rush Limbaugh, the leader of the Republican Party, ordering his troops to never never ever talk about abortion in this election? The return of the stealth candidate?

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14 Answers to “What did Congressman Akin mean by “legitimate rape”?”

  1. flooppy says:

    There’s statutory rape like having sex with a minor.

  2. plauger says:

    He meant forcible rape. Obama’s response: “Rape is rape. And the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we’re talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people. And certainly doesn’t make sense to me” [external link] rape is rape, and we shouldn’t “be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we’re talking about”, why did Obama think it was an injustice for Genarlow Wilson to serve a 10 year prison sentence for raping a minor and say we should “celebrate a young man’s freedom” when he was released after only 2 years? [external link] Obama think 2 years is enough for raping a minor and that we should celebrate the day rapists are released from prison?

  3. Cymry says:

    Haven’t a clue, just shows both parties have retards.

  4. tkemacs says:

    No. Let’s not legitimize this nutbag by debating his “point” as if it were legitimate. Akin is a pro-life extremist who probably heard a doctor explaining how the cervix works, misunderstood it, and then shot his mouth off revealing his ignorance to the world.Rush Limbaugh is not, nor has he ever been, the leader of the Republican party. Is he influential? Sure. But Limbaugh is just an “entertainer” who feeds people what they want to hear and whips them up emotionally without ever presenting quality arguments or complete information. I know, I tried to listen to him for a few years when it was my habit to eat my lunch in my car so that I could listen to the radio. His show is EXTREMELY low quality rabble rousing.

  5. unspewed says:

    He was referring to the official government definition of rape: Forcible insertion of the penis into the vagina. That official definition does not include forcible insertion into the mouth, the anus, etc., but it should include those, too.

  6. von zube says:

    Obviously, some women are “asking for it”. Y’know… wearing lipstick and stuff.

  7. investing says:

    No woman has ever falsified a claim of rape. I am not trivializing a stupid statement by Todd Akin, but Obama has made many stupid statements also. Biden is a master of stupid statements and it doe depend on what the Definition of is, is. Politicians are prone to talk about things that they have little knowledge about.

  8. nonglak says:

    I think he meant “actual” rape, not “legitimate.” But it was his second statement about a woman being able to shut off the reproductive system that raised the eyebrows.

  9. simonists says:

    Republicans — not just Akins — are trying to parse rape to take away women’s rights incrementally.Republicans just voted to make ALL abortion illegal as part of their GOP platform — it’s who they are.The Republican War on Women produced 1,100 bills against women in 2011. In 2007 Romney called a bill to ban all abortions “terrific” and said he would be “delighted to sign it.” The same year Romney told ABC News he supports a “human life amendment” to the constitution that would outlaw abortions even in the case of rape or incest.Romney has called for defunding Planned Parenthood (including cancer screening for women. He’s called for defunding Title 10, which is contraception access for American women, cancer screening, even abstinence education. He belongs to a church where women have secondary status, not the full rights of men. The junk science Akin was talking about started in 1988 with a Republican from Delaware. Rep. Stephen Friend, told a local paper, “During the trauma of rape a woman secretes a certain secretion which has the tendency to kill sperm.” (untrue)Then in 1999 Republicans circulated an essay by Dr. John Willke, the former head of the Republican Right to Life Committee. It said, “To get and stay pregnant a woman’s body must produce a very sophisticated mix of hormones.” That’s the “she wanted it” defense. Willke is an endorser of Mitt Romney and was a Romney second.The Republicans introduced 1100 bills against women’s rights last year and are on schedule to top that this year. This was no “misspeak” or accident, folks. The Republican Party‘s national platform has supported criminalizing abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest since 1976. We’re seeing a cycle here that just keeps repeating itself because this IS their policy.The only way Romney and Ryan can distance themselves from Aken is to lie about their own records and distance themselves from the GOP.Limbaugh is an immoral moron and so are his fans.##

  10. glads says:

    He’s taking the position that SOME Rapes – are the result of WOMEN – - – egging on the male – and that it really is CONSENSUAL – - – - NO MATTER what the woman says post coitus.This folds in nicely with the Right Wing Narrative that victims ALWAYS deserve what happens to them.That’s why ‘christian’ Conservatives say they oppose abortion – even in the case of rape – or to save the life of the mother.If you get raped, or you get sick – you probably deserved it.That’s also why they want to PREVENT MILLIONS of Americans getting Health Insurance.You get sick – you DESERVE to die.That’s the ‘christian’ Conservative PERVERSION……It’s why I say – ‘christian’ Conservatism is a Hate Movement – a Moral Perversion.The SICKEST collective in our nation.More dangerous to our future than al Qaida.Thanks!

  11. isobutyrate says:

    If a seventeen year old has willing relations with a 25 year old its still statutory rape Abortion topic is fine with Rush but akin is a poor at articulating of his views

  12. ethnal says:

    Apparently it was a subtle slip referring to disputed rape cases like the horrific gang rape of Jamie Leigh Jones or maybe it means only rape that could cause pregnancy (and where does that leave the victims of Sandusky?) and then maybe it doesn’t “count” between husband and wife (domestic abuse). re: the Janesville lovebirds, I suspect that his family keeps her too busy to participate in hubby’s career in any meaningful way. Strange sort of life for a Wellesley girl.NYT comment: “Ryan was the baby of the family and that his grandparents and uncles ran the family construction company that had been founded by his great grandfather. Who was he supporting ? A biographical piece in the New Yorker recently pointed out that most of his neighbors were relatives. While it is is sad that his father, an attorney, died when Ryan was in high school, these woeful Dickensian aspects of his bio are being given a misleading emphasis. His mother was quoted recently as being relieved that Paul had focused on economic theory in college because she was afraid that he was going to become a ski bum! Could it be that his after school jobs as a teenager were to pay for lift tickets ?” RL and dittoheads fancy that the race is close, but fear that Obama will win by a landslide and they will thanks to outrageous rightie misogynistic and racist cr@p and a multitude of gaffes. Staying mum on abortion for the next 68 or so days is the least they can do.

  13. eltamar says:

    Mr Limbaugh is NOT the leader of the Republican partyBelieve he took a lesson from ”President” Obama I remember when he was running for the presidency he was asked about same sex marriages he replied ”My wife and I are devout Christians we both feel that marriage is between a man and a women” later the gay community were up in arms about his inaction for their community they shouted him down at one of his rallies he told them ”look we are trying we need time” I really did not know what he meant by that but with in a year or so I found out he resented don’t ask don’t tell against the wishes of our military just recently he decided that he wanted to tell us he has ”evolved” and now supports same sex marriages ,he never talked of it never openly supported it but in his heart it was always fine with him just as long as they voted for himTime for this devious hate monger to take his campaign of hate and division back to Chicago

  14. robotizes says:

    The RNC is busy issuing a fatwah to clarify these things bro.God is Great.