English – Poems from other cultures essay help please?

I am doing a controlled assessment on the poems from other cultures. I have too write a 1200 word essay.The essay question title: How do the poems studied show effects of power on people?I have to pick 3 poems and explore the ways the poems portray power on other people basically. I have been told to do either of these 4 poems:Limbo by Edward Kamau BrathwaiteNothing's Changed by Tatamkhulu AfrikaTwo Scavengers in a Truck by Lawrench FerlinghettiOrWhat were they like? by Denise LevertovThese poems can be found on the link below: [external link] someone please help me as it is urgent!I would like the essay done to the grade of an A or A*Or could i please have some devices and an analysis of the poem, and a structure of the poem on how to start each paragraph etc.If you could do this it would be very very very helpful

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  1. Allhallow says:

    please ask a more concentrated question, getting A is not so easy!

  2. savagest says:

    i had something similar to this today. if i was you i’ll pick “two scavenger’s in a truck, two beautiful people in a mercedes”, “what were they like”, “limbo” and “nothing changed i” haven’t studied yet. With “two scavenger’s in a truck, two beautiful people in a mercedes” you can write about the layout of the poem (juxtaposed) which is showing the different classes in society. With “what were they like” i would write about how americans are asking questions about the war and the vietnamese are replying with sir. this shows respect and how the americans have over powered them.