Help? Opinion on my essay?

For a AP literature class, I have to write an essay on a book that influinced my life & that I can relate to. Tell me how it is? Thank youBurned When faced with the challenge of writing about a book that influenced my life I had a difficult time selecting a specific title. After much consideration I selected Ellen Hopkins’ book, titled Burned. Payttn, A 17 year old girl, comes from a Mormon faith household, with an alcoholic, abusive father, when she gets into trouble her father sends her to live with her aunt Jeanette, where she meets Ethan, whom she falls in love with, but her dreams are destroyed by her father. I also have issues with an alcoholic father, as a child he was absent because of his alcoholism and when I was reunited with him, at the age of 13, I learned who my father really was. Payttn is haunted by her father’s actions while he is drunk, as am I. I met Evan when I visited my father during winter break, I immediately began to develop feelings for him, and it quickly developed into a relationship, challenging both of our families’ feelings about our relationship, much like Payttn’s father’s feelings about Payttn being in a relationship. My father is a controlling person, therefore he tries controlling every aspect of our relationship, and his alcoholism only makes it worse. As the story progresses Payttn finds that she is pregnant with Ethan’s child, she decides the best idea is to run away, a Mormon friend of the family, alerted Payttn’s father who then called the police, while on the run from the police, Ethan hit a patch of ice and they crashed ending the lives of Ethan and their unborn child. "Some people never find love at all, count yourself blessed if it ever happens your way" (Ellen Hopkins, Burned) Payttn is raised in a Mormon home, told not to speak out against her religion, not to question god or the beliefs of their religion. Throughout the text Payttn questions her belief in her religion and god, I can also relate because I do not know if I believe in god, I certainly do not believe in an organized religion, I question why our world is corrupted if god really does exist, why doesn’t he protect innocent children from harm? Why doesn’t he help the people who have such faith in him, when they need it most? Why do tragedies such as 911 or the tsunami in japan occur? I question why "God" would turn his back on his children for being gay? If he really existed if religion was really relevant answer my questions. This book touched me emotionally and made me think about my life, it made me feel less alone. Touching on the themes of alcoholism, and religion I can relate to Payttn and reading her journal entries through the book made me feel a personal connection to the character.

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  1. hygrophytic says:

    Insert X religion here. That’s what I got from your story. Wouldn’t matter if the main character were any religion or none. ALL people question their lives, what THEY see with their puny eyes instead of the reality of God, and reach out for love wherever they can find it… or manufacture its illusion. Doesn’t mean they always find the answers. That only happens in imagination.Stuff happens in life. I don’t blame anyone for it. Life is not about blame. Too bad the author of this story didn’t know that, or didn’t develop that within the story. The author has a long way to go, it seems.You did ask for opinions. Don’t blame me.

  2. physiographer says:

    O.K. a Mormon household that has an alcohol problem. I couldn’t get past that.Such a typical problem among Mormons, and specifically Mormon Dads. Yeah right… that typical Mormon alcohol problem…what corner of the World have you and your favorite author been hiding at…just curious ?(Don’t answer the question, the rhetorical question is rhetorical).

  3. infantine says:

    There’s nothing quite so sensational as finding someone who’s suppose to act one way and doesn’t, especially if their a member of recognized organization. Sure the book may be intriguing, and well written, but there are literally thousands of examples like this without bringing in the “Mormon” aspect. Don’t you think you are drawn to it simply because of that, would you have been as fascinated by this if the Father was an Atheist? Would you mind telling us all what belief system your father was.I will answer your second question now. God does not pull the puppet strings on people or events. Events unfold, and evil people act according to their free will. Because of this bad things happen to good people, it is only through a belief in God that brings us hope and peace that eventually He will sort things out in the end. Bad people will get their just reward, and good people who die to soon (we all have to die eventually anyway), will also get their rewards. The Atheist can only wallow in despair as it is their hope and destiny to become a dust bunny.Think of it this way, in the Bible God warned the people of Noah to board the ark. Over and over again the people were warned that the flood was coming, not that God was going to instigate a flood but that it was coming. God can see the future, and tried to warn them. Much like today, we are warned against immorality, and evil but people continue to follow their own carnal selfish desires to their own detriment.