When writing an essay, what is the focus of a paragraph mean?

writing a review on a book, one paragraph is the attention grabber, one is the focus, and one is the value to the reader...what is a focus?

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2 Answers to “When writing an essay, what is the focus of a paragraph mean?”

  1. nonsurrender says:

    Attention Grabber = make an interesting statement about the book, or an interesting fact that relates to the bookFocus = What was the lesson of the book in your opinion? for instance, was it about “never judging a book by its cover” “money can’t buy happiness” etc. This is what you would write about in this paragraph, give plenty of examples to support your opinion.Value to Reader = Why would this be a good book for someone else to read? maybe name groups of people who this book would be directed to.

  2. noworse says:

    the focus is your topics and all the details