Would someone please give me their opinion on my essay? Is not a long essay?

This was the question i hade to write an essay about: "Does the end justify the means?" You take a given situation and weight the pros and cons of one course of action over another, and the one with more pros is justified. If the mean employed will accomplish what we have in mind and the benefits of that action have values, then yes, the ending will justify the means. This quote has been debated over time and many people based their conclusions over the issue of "protecting the majority" but this quote also applies to other real life phenomenon. For example; I’m writing this paper to get a good grade, writing the paper will be the "mean" and getting the good grade will be the "ending". Before writing this paper I sat down and weighted the pros and cons of writing the paper. At the end I concluded to write the paper; first because I need the grade to get the credit for the class and second because I need the class to graduate. Not only the pros trigger me to sit and write the paper, but the value each benefit or pro had. If I want to succeed in life, I must have postsecondary education and in order to accomplish it, I need to graduate from high school. The ending will be justified the means when it comes to "protecting the majority". One would say killing, stealing, lying, etc, is wrong but when the majority will be protected then I say its justified. For instance, in order to stop a train and save hundreds of people in it a couple of lives must be risk. Wouldn’t be just to sacrifice a couple of lives over hundreds of lives? I think so. When deciding if the means are justified by the end, you should always take in consideration of the means will accomplish what you have in mind and if what you have in mind has a great value.

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