Can My English Teacher Make Me Write in Script?

I am in tenth grade and for our test our english teacher said we have to write in script she also took off points for us writing our names in print. Can she make us write in script isn't it our choice and can she really take off a point for us writing our name in print when the directions says to write in script after we wrote our name. i understand it in 6th grade but this is 10th grade and the other english teacher doesnt require her kids to write in script and both classes are 10 honors. Also she does things like when we ask her what will be on the test the next day she'll say fill in the blank and short answer, then the next day give us an essay to write for our test and ontop of that she talks about a previous test for the first 20 minutes of the class then gives us the test expecting us to finish in the 20 minutes she gives us plus having graphic organizer.

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6 Answers to “Can My English Teacher Make Me Write in Script?”

  1. heureux says:

    The short answer: Yes. Your English teacher can make you write in script.No. She doesn’t have to forewarn you what is coming in future tests.No. She’s not being a meanie.

  2. kathman says:

    Well…perhaps if you can’t do joined up writing you should try and learn. Most people learn by Year 4, and Year 5 is for those who have serious difficulties. It should be expected of you by now.

  3. melosa says:

    ya she can until you graduate high school and even in college teachers can pretty much have you do whatever they want well, within the context of like education. if she can find a purpose for doing it that could be some sort of educational advantage then she can, the test thing sucks my suggestion is complain to the Principal and the more parents you can get to call the more results you will see cause no principal wants parents calling.

  4. bordoni says:

    do you mean joining your letters?cause you should be doing that before tenth grade, its not dificult and if you cant do it then that may be cause for concern

  5. subdate says:

    Yes, she is the teacher, she makes the rules. By the tenth grade you should be able to write in script, and it should not cause your blood to boil to do it. If you wrote your name then realized you were supposed to write in script, just mark it out. If the directions say do it she means do it ALL the way, not just part of the way. About the other stuff: If the review is causing a problem with your test, very respectfully go to her and say something to the effect of, “Ma’am, I understand you do not want to give us EVERY answer to the test, but I am having a hard time with the tests, and was wondering if you could narrow down the information some more, and if it would be possible to get some more time for the test. I have not been able to do my best work with the amount of time we have been given.” I know, I know, sounds corny and silly, but the point is to be respectful!

  6. hammesm says:

    yep if that is what she requires …