Female crippled/disabled monologues?

I've been meaning to add a female dramatic monologue to my audition repertoire. Right now, I have two that I am very happy with, but neither of them seem to hit home well enough, as one is much older than me and all about sex, while the other is a recollection. But, for reasons that don't need explaining here, I relate really well to female characters with disabilities that they overcome. But...I don't know any plays like that and have no idea how to find one.***(Try not to suggest The Miracle Worker because I don't want to be stereotypical...and I'm looking for more of a physical disability anyway.)Any plays with female protagonists that are disabled? Any of them that would result in good monologues? I guess a good example attitude is Nancy Mairs's "On Being a Cripple," only that is an essay and not active enough for auditions, unfortunately. Beautiful piece nonetheless.Much appreciated!

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  1. janicki says:

    The Glass Menegerie, or I read this one once about a schizophrenic girl named popo martin.

  2. choco says:

    Try looking at Rich Orloff’s short play collection “Funny as a Crutch” – which is all on this theme. [external link] …Also: “In Hot Water” here: [external link] … which is about a girl with no sense of taste trying to fit in by pretending – and getting into hot water because of it. It might work.

  3. oberley says:

    go to the linked website it has many onolouges of all kinds also you can try the 2nd link witch is only female monolouges