Should Andrew Jackson be on the 20 dollar bill Why? or Why not?

What is your opinion on this? I have a essay do tomorrow and I just wanted some input.

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8 Answers to “Should Andrew Jackson be on the 20 dollar bill Why? or Why not?”

  1. infbsps says:

    ~ Fine by me as long as I have got plenty of them.

  2. counterpoised says:

    he wasn’t the greatest or the worst. he led with force and was brutal towards native americans, he was the man behind the trail of tears. i don’t know what the criteria for being on money is. maybe we should have pictures of the rockefellers or jp morgan on bills.

  3. confutable says:

    We must re-kill the bank.

  4. Cayuse says:

    If it’s not broke why fix it.

  5. metting says:

    Yes, after Andrew Jackson, although it had years to go before universal suffrage, America acquired the democracy that we would recognize today. The language that he used to represent those who voted for him is echoed in the democratic reforms through American history.

  6. nicknamer says:

    No he evicted the original Americans from the south and stole it for the US!Google the “trail of tears” where he forced even friendly tribes west of the Mississippi! Tribes who helped settle America as well as fought for it during the Revolution and the war of 1812!

  7. yeck says:

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  8. peurach says:

    Jackson was the man, plain and simple. We need another President like him, someone with brass balls! Screw the Fed!