What were my essay scores if i got a 2 on my Ap exam?

Just wondering....

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3 Answers to “What were my essay scores if i got a 2 on my Ap exam?”

  1. tomorow says:

    It depends on how much multiple choice you got correct. But all essays were probably between a 1-3.

  2. tenderable says:

    It completely depends on the multiple choice section. Sorry.

  3. kcender says:

    Like above people said, it depends on your multiple choice. Because AP exams are based upon how many points you accrue, not the percentage of points that you scored out of the total amount of points, you could very well have gotten no points on the multiple choice and a decent amount of points on the essays or no points on the essays and a decent amount of points on multiple choice. These are the two extremes, but this just goes to show how you can’t discern section scores from an AP test.