Could the trans-atlantic slave trade be considered a holocaust?

I have an argumentative essay that asks whether the trans-atlantic slave trade can be called a holocaust of enslavement. Because there are many who do not agree to call it a 'holocaust'. What are your views? Please explain with reasons! thank you! give as many points as you can i really need help with this!

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4 Answers to “Could the trans-atlantic slave trade be considered a holocaust?”

  1. delaware says:

    It was a crime against humanity, but it wasn’t properly a Holocaust, because it wasn’t an attempt to exterminate any particular ethnic group. It was just a shameless way to get free labor.

  2. rumbas says:

    No one has any idea of the number of deaths that occurred during the transportation of slaves; the number of deaths of those who fought to prevent capture; nor the deaths that occurred on American soil. It certainly SHOULD be considered a holocaust! I’d not thought of it that way–but always knew it was a terrible sin against humanity!

  3. contes says:

    There is no such thing as “a holocaust”. There is the Holocaust, and that’s it. The trans-atlantic slave trade might only be considered a genocide. I don’t think it was, though. The aim of a genocide is to kill people of a certain ethnicity. The slave trade didn’t aim at killing people. The aim was to make a profit of selling them as work force. So, even though the slave trade was in many ways similar to a genocide because it was just as cruel, many people died etc., I wouldn’t count it as a genocide.

  4. mayrose says:

    No.The purpose of the slave trade wasn’t to exterminate anyone,but to provide cheap labour in the New World.Once arrived in the Americas,slaves had to be reasonably well cared for – they were an investment that their owners wanted to see a return on,so that meant getting as much work as possible out of them for as long as possible,so owners had to keep their slaves alive and healthy.