How does Liberal and Conservative relate to Republican and Democrat?

In my essay I need to tie liberal and conservative wth republican and democrat....can someone please help me do that? Im confused! thanks!

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6 Answers to “How does Liberal and Conservative relate to Republican and Democrat?”

  1. saughy says:

    Liberals are usually Democrat. Republicans are usually conservative.

  2. rebel says:

    you picked the wrong site for that….on y/a, if you are not a Republican, you are referred to as a Liberal.

  3. dapifer says:

    The Democratic party views liberalism as it’s ticket to power. They are convinced that this country would be better if were more like Europe.Rather than bring Europe up to our standard, they see bringing the US down to the Eurpean standard as the easiest and most painless approach toward a CHANGE to a one world, one government order.Republicans, on the other hand, are not nearly as conservative as everyone thought. Use the primary candidates as your example.Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Tommy Thompson, Fred Thompson, Brownback, Romney, Ron Paul, Gilmore, Huckabee, Giuliani. The more conservative they were, the faster they got knocked out of the primary. John McCain was the least conservative of them all, he is the nominee and gaining momentum in the polls.The country is going to have to re-think the premise of what a Republican is because it certainly is NOT a dyed in the wool conservative.

  4. tileyard says:

    most reps are conservative and want to keep things the way they are or go back to the way things were beforemost dems are liberal they want things to change from the way they are nowand you got the oddballs that are conservative or liberal that are niether rep or dem

  5. temporality says:

    REpublican and Democrat are parties. Liberal and Conservative are ideologies. So, you could have a conservative Democrat (which would be a moderate, or closer to the center of the spectrum). Most people have the misconception that all Dems are liberal, and all Republicans are conservative – not true.

  6. frydach says:

    Both Republicans and Democrats are liberal. Make no mistake, although Republicans call themselves Conservative and are called Conservative by liberals, very few of their polices have been. For example, Bush expanded prescription drugs for seniors, and he passed No Child left Behind, and during his presidentcy, spending has increased 33% while the size of governmetn and the deficit has also increased, all very liberal things. Most people define Consevatism as your stance on Abortion. Supporting Abortion makes you liberal, while being agaisnt is Conservative, yet never touch on other issues. Conservatism and Liberalism have blended and melded so much, you can’t tell the difference. Dont vote for McBama.