What made you who you are today?

I'm trying to write an essay on what made me who I am today.Everyone in my class has decided to make it up because our English teacher is getting a bit creepy..to say the least..This is the 2nd reflective essay she's making us write, every other class hasn't even written one..She told us "the more personal the better"...*shudder*And on our 8day school camp thingy she told her form class to tell her any gossip..Creepy eh? And I go to a pretty damn good school.Anyways, I'm looking for the least personal things possible, like the music I listened to as a baby made me this way, or the tree in my garden made me like this or something just so impersonal and obviously so, you know?I mean I could tell her about how I was bullied in Primary school which drove me to the point of panic attacks as a 7-8year old and how I always look out for everyone because of this and how I'm prone to uncontrollable bursts or anger which led to me, a 14 year old girl, punching and 12year old girl giving her a bruise, or how I stopped eating altogether and lost over a stone in weight and how I have scars on my arm from a rough couple of months a wee while ago...but I'd rather not:LI'm just looking for the most obviously not personal things and a reason why they could have made me "who I am today" blahblahblah(;Thankkyouu(:

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  1. overridden says:

    my guitar and my family , friends, and my mistakesi regret nothing and look towards the future and not dwell on the past

  2. miladi says:

    No assignment should require someone to divuldge things they do not want to. The mere fact it is called a reflective essay has to give pause. It’s a reflection upon oneself.If the assignment was to fictionalize a reflective essay, I could see that. You would be learning the concepts, and practicing writing skills. In this assignment, you are putting yourself on the psychiatrist’s couch in front of your class and teacher. NOT ACCEPTABLE.Refuse to do the assignment on these grounds, and have your parents back you. Save and print my response, and show it to all involved. Get other parents and the principal involved. Teachers have great responsibility with their jobs. One of which is to consider and look out for your security while you are at school. Requiring you to divulge such things will lead to an insecure environment.The teacher needs a head check.